As the weather warms up and the snow starts to melt away, Montanans look for more ways to spend time outside.

At Western Montana Lighting, we’ve noticed that there’s a nationwide trend towards creating outdoor living spaces that look and feel like natural extensions of a home. This means more than just a deck couch and old Christmas lights strung across the railing – we’re talking about upholstered furniture in a partially walled space that’s lit by sophisticated, weather-resistant lamps and even chandeliers.

Outdoor Patio LightsWhether you’re getting ready for outdoor entertaining or just relaxing on your deck after work, here are a few lighting tips and ideas to keep in mind as you spruce up your exterior spaces for warmer weather.

Coax guests outside with light

In the words of Hinkley Lighting, “The purpose of landscape lighting is to unify the relationship between your house and the landscaping that surrounds it.” Beyond entryway or sidewalk lights, landscape lighting can help your friends and family feel at home outside. Strings of light draped across pergolas, trellises decked with lights, and tree trunks and branches lit year-round not only beckon your guests outside, they make a garden or yard look and feel downright magical.

Consider lighting for both comfort and safety

The trick to creating ideal outdoor lighting is finding a balance between task lighting and ambient lighting. Yes, you need to ensure that the entryways and cooking areas are well-lit, but you also need to consider how that lighting affects the atmosphere of the sitting and socializing areas. The best way to guarantee that you’re creating an outdoor space that’s both functional and welcoming is to make a complimentary appointment with one of our experts!

Outdoor lighting design and seating areaThink of the outdoors as an extension of your living space

Whether your home décor is modern or shabby chic, your exterior spaces can become a continuation of your aesthetic. A striking post light near the drive signals your style to visitors, while backyard lamps and chandeliers extend your indoor atmosphere so that guests feel welcome and comfortable beyond your four walls.

Invest in quality outdoor lighting

Especially in Montana, we have to be mindful of the fact that weather can change at a moment’s notice. It’s vital to make a sound investment in lighting that’s been specifically designed for year-round use in all conditions. WML only carries the best in lighting, and that includes top-quality outdoor lamps and fixtures that are rated for use in any Montana weather. We’ll be more than happy to point you towards the perfect lights that’ll brighten your deck and landscaping for years to come.