If you browse around our website or stop into the store, there’s one word you’ll come across over and over: Expert.

It may seem like buying a lamp or chandelier is something anyone with a wallet and an Amazon account can do perfectly the first time. Once you get into the details of lighting a home, it quickly become clear that lighting expertise is incredibly valuable and necessary to lighting it right. Expertise and service are what set Western Montana Lighting apart from the big box stores and online retailers.

Experts bring together vision and reality
HGTV and home design magazines make lighting and design look effortless and simple. That’s their job. Replicating what they’ve created should be as easy as buying the same fixtures and handing them to the electrician, right?

But what most customers don’t see is the years of effort, training, experience, and trial- and-error that go into creating a single perfectly-lit living space. When a customer brings us a page from a magazine with the dream of making it her own, we put our years of experience into making it happen.

We do walk-throughs with the builder and/or electrician to assess the customer’s home or blueprints and figure out what’s realistic to light the space. We can look at a fixture from a magazine and explain what the finish will truly look like in person. We consider whether a single statement-piece chandelier is enough to light an arched entryway, or if it also needs layered lighting to create the dramatic effect they’re dreaming of.

Ultimately, we want to help you create the home of your dreams and we put the full weight of our expertise behind that mission.

Expert advice saves time and money
It may seem counterintuitive, but if you come to WML and spend some time with an expert, it will almost always save you both time and money in the long run.

By taking the time up front to talk with us, we can help you find the right piece of lighting the first time and prevent the need to return fixtures. (And some online retailers won’t refund your shipping costs or accept a return if a part arrives broken.)

When you order your lighting package from us, every fixture arrives in its own box, labeled clearly with the room or area where it needs to go. That way, both you and the installer know exactly where it’s going, saving the electrician time and saving you money.

During home remodels or ground-up builds, we work directly with contractors, architects, and electricians to identify just how much lighting each room will need, based on both design and the purpose of the space. This greatly reduces the need to redo lighting or wiring after they’ve been installed. We do as much work up front with all the players so that lighting is the least of your worries during your build or remodel.

We’re all about getting it right the first time, and we put all of our expertise into making that happen!

We have over 100 years of building expert relationships
In 2017, Western Montana Lighting celebrated its 100th anniversary. That means we’ve been establishing relationships with builders, contractors, manufacturers, electricians, designers, and architects for a century.

If a pane of glass in a chandelier arrives broken, we call our direct contacts at the manufacturer to replace it. If the finish on a sconce doesn’t seem to match what you had in mind, we work with the designer to come up with a new idea. We go to trade shows and workshops every few months to enhance our knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of lighting trends and technology. We know more about light bulbs than you could imagine! We make sure each bulb lights a space just right and looks good while doing it.

Over these 100 years, we have carefully built and maintained these relationships not just for our sake, but so that we can pass their value to you. Not only do we have amazing in-house lighting experts, we have great relationships with local industry experts, as well.

Ultimately, our expertise is all about providing the best customer service and the highest quality lighting, so that your dream home and your reality are one and the same.