As the days in Western Montana grow cooler and the leaves begin to turn gold, you’ve probably noticed that night falls earlier and earlier every day. The dark of winter will be here before we know it, so now’s the time to make your home bright, cozy, and inviting with some help from our lighting experts.

Fix your fixtures
Did you know that Western Montana Lighting offers repair and maintenance services? We can take care of simple projects – like rewiring a lamp or changing sockets – all the way up to custom repairs of family heirlooms or turning antiques into new lighting pieces.

Over the years, many customers have brought their heirloom lamps to us in hopes that they can be rescued rather than relegated to the dump. More often than not, our experts can diagnose the problem, order any parts needed, and revive a family treasure for another generation.

We can also turn your objects into fresh new lighting that’ll spark conversation and brighten your home all winter long. We’ve transformed wine bottles, wooden horses, chicken egg incubators, and all sorts of unlikely curios into eye-catching lamps and light fixtures. A custom lighting piece created from a meaningful object makes a brilliant gift!

It’s always a good idea to chat with our lighting team about what you want, what you need, and how much you’re able to spend on repairing an old piece or creating a custom light. Customers are often happily surprised that saving their heirlooms is usually more economical than buying all-new lighting!

Design in the summer with an eye for winter
Home building and remodeling tends to happen during the warm, bright summer months, so it’s easy to forget that the way natural light fills a room during the summer won’t be the same in winter.

Some spaces, like bedrooms or living rooms, are most inviting with ambient lighting to create a calm atmosphere. This light can be from sunlight in the summer, but wintertime will need a subtle, yet noticeable touch to ensure enough light. Kitchens, offices, and other working areas of the home absolutely benefit from a boost in the darker months.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge about layered task and decorative lighting to create the ideal environment year-round.

Whether you’ve recently build a home, remodeled, or have been in your home for years, it’s worth a call to the WML team for a free consultation about the best lighting to suit your spaces year-round.

Let LEDs light the way
Since you’ll have the lights on more often in December than July, it’s important to consider how to balance the need for more light with keeping your energy use as low as possible. Summer or winter, LEDs are the best way to light your home and maximize efficiency. For example, a 9.5-watt LED lightbulb has as much or more light output as a regular 60-watt bulb, so you can turn the lights on as much as you need without breaking your energy budget.

Each member of our talented team is well-educated in LED technology and can help you choose the best options for every light in your home. Give a call or stop by the store and any one of our experts can help you pick the right lights.

Western Montana Lighting is designing a new program of educational seminars to teach the community about LED and lighting technology and how to make the most of your light energy usage. Keep an eye on our website for more information as we get these unique new programs up and running!