Tia McCord in Greece1. How long have you worked at Western Montana Lighting? What’s your job or title today? Have you always had this role at WML?
I have worked at Western Montana Lighting for three years now. I am in sales and help out with displays for the windows and around the showroom.

2. How long have you lived in Missoula? What, in your opinion, is the best thing about living in Montana?
I moved to Missoula when I was eight years old from Denver, Colorado. I did move to Portland, Oregon for about five years before I decided to return to Missoula. Some of the many things I love about Montana are the people, experiencing all four seasons, and the jaw-dropping views the state has to offer. With as much as I love to travel, I am so happy I always get to come home to Montana.

3. What certifications have you earned or expertise have you gained over the years?
After working here for two years, I was lucky enough to travel to Chicago to earn my Lighting Specialist certification. I still am learning every day about lighting, LED technology, and new products that are coming out. I enjoy shadowing my coworkers on some of their interesting jobs to learn different lighting techniques for different types of spaces or challenges.Tia McCord in Chicago

4. What’s your favorite part of your job?
I enjoy helping people find fixtures that help complete their overall vision for their space. I went to school for interior design so I love working with all different types of styles and I get excited when people are not afraid to do something a little different or out of the ordinary.

Tia McCord fishing in Montana with her dogs5. Tell us a memorable story about working at Western Montana Lighting.
One day a gentleman came in to get some bulbs and he looked a little familiar to me. As I continued to help him I realized that who he was, he was one of my favorite artists (a painter). We ended up having a wonderful conversation about art and pushing yourself creatively. He made my day and I enjoy talking to him whenever he come into the store.

6. Please share your top lighting tip or secret.
When picking out your lighting, don’t get hung up on everything matching exactly. I try and find some common feature that carries through one fixture to another. Whether it is the shape of glass or a little detail on one fixture that is reflected in the shape of another. As an architect I know says, “It needs to speak the same language.”