4 Tips for Holiday Home Decor

Nov 16th 2021 Staff

The holiday season is just around the corner. Your clients are looking for inspiration on how to decorate their homes for this festive time of year. Here are 4 tips from Western Montana Lighting that will get you started!

Highlight the holiday colors

Use a color scheme that is specific to this special time of year - red and green, silver and gold, etc. to make your home look instantly festive. Don't go overboard and use too many colors or you will lose the festive feel of the holiday season. Go for a scheme that is classic and not too cutesy to create an elegant, mature atmosphere in your home.

Homemade is where the heart is

Add in some homemade touches like snowflake ornaments made from construction paper and glitter glue, pine cones dipped in white paint or fabric strips wrapped around branches. You can also go for an all white look with fabric wrapped around the branches of your Christmas tree to make it more festive.

Let the holiday lights shine

Hang decorative lights - from Western Montana Lighting - inside window sills or above doorways - outside on the eaves of your home - to light up your exterior and welcome guests into a festive atmosphere. Add in some handmade touches by making snowflake ornaments from construction paper, add wreaths with hanging decorations such as bells and berries made from glitter glue and felt.

Save your decorating scraps

Decorate your mantle with garland covered in ribbon bows. You could also make a garland yourself by folding ribbon in half, cutting fringe along both sides of the fold and hanging it on your mantel with tape - this is a great way to use leftover ribbon from other decorating projects.

Don't be afraid to go all out on the holiday decorating this year! Your clients will appreciate your creativity and attention to detail. Let Western Montana Lighting help you create a beautiful atmosphere in your home that everyone will love. 

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