Visit Your Local Lighting Store Today

Jul 14th 2022 Staff

If it's been a while since you've visited your local lighting store, then this blog post is for you. Western Montana Lighting is a local lighting store located in beautiful Missoula, Montana. With tr … read more

Sconces for Vanity Lighting

Jul 14th 2022 Staff

Vanity lighting is so important for your everyday grooming needs. Here at Western Montana Lighting, we offer the best in bathroom lighting options, including for your vanity. In this blog post, we'll … read more

Is Your Home Ready For The Summer Heat?

May 2nd 2022 Staff

While we’re lucky to live in Montana where we don’t have the kind of heat and humidity that people in the south have to deal with, it still gets hot during the summer. In today’s blog entry, we wan … read more

Love The Light You Live With

Feb 17th 2022 Staff

When it comes to your home, it’s essential to have lighting that you love. With the wrong lighting, your bathroom can seem too dim, your living room can be uninviting, and your kitchen can be nonfunct … read more

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